Xtrend ET 5000 HD Linux receiver


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A new generation of Enigma 2 Linux Single Tuner receiver from Xtrend with crystal clear HD picture, two card readers and two CI slots. External HDD is possible via USB connection. One front and one rear USB ports. Rear Ethernet 10/100 connection. Linux operating system using Enigma2 open source. Standby consumption is only 1 watt. English language manual supplied. Extended EPG (electronic program guide). This is a brand new receiver to hit the World and is a real high-end contender that already has third party image support from Nabilo Blackhole, OpenPLi and others.

Features a Broadcom 7405 400Mhz MIPS processor, 265MB RAM, 2 x Common Interface, 2 x Card Readers.


  • 400MHz MIPS Processor
  • Linux Operating System
  • Enigma2 HD Operating System
  • 1 x DVB-S2 Tuner
  • MPEG2 / H.264 Hardware Decoding
  • 10/100MB Ethernet Interface
  • Supports Downloadable Plug-ins
  • 2 x Smartcard Readers
  • 3 LED / 5 Keys
  • 128MB Nand Flash / 256MB DDR Memory
  • 3 x USB 2.0
  • 2 x SCART
  • RS-232
  • HDMI
  • Component (YPbPr)
  • Composite Video (RGB)
  • S/PDIF for digital bit stream out (Optical)
  • Supports EPG
  • Full automatic and manual service scan
  • Supports multiple LNB control (DiSEqC)
  • Supports Skin change
  • Stable SMPS integrated
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 260 x 45x 220mm
  • Weight: 2.0kgs

Hallo BlackAngel,

Seit zwei tagen habe ich einem "Xtrend ET 5000" und probleme mit dem empfang.
Hab vier andere Tuner an die schussel gehangen und zwar "Ferguson 8900HD, Ferguson Ariva 200HD, Dreambox 7025 und mein ClarckTech 2100 Plus" alle haben einwanfreies bild, nur der Xtrend nicht.

Kan es sein das er minimum 60% signal braucht, wenn ja dan habe ich ein problem, den ich kuke zwischen den baumen durch und darf die nicht umsagen.

:) Danke fur ein antwort, damit ich weis was los ist .......................

Mfg. Snuif (Niederlande)