USB an DM500HD

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DM500HD USB pcb ordering
The Dreambox 500HD can be modified to enable USB connection by removing a resistor R1011 and R1010 (if present) on the main board. There is a good description available thanks to the Dream-Elite team.

However, the USB connection is disabled intentionally because the power supplied to the USB connection is not current limited as the USB specification requires, so using the USB connection without this could be harmful to your Dreambox. I have made a small PCB that includes a fuse, a current limiter with microcontroller, an internal USB connector to attach a USB flash memory internally and a header to attach an external USB connection to the rear of the DM500HD (which is already prepared with a cutout for a USB connector). Note that you still need to modify your DM500HD according to the above instructions to remove the resistors on the main board to enable USB.

Note that modifying the Dreambox 500HD in this way clearly voids your warranty and that I am not taking responsibility for any damage that could be caused because of this modification. The PCB I have made is made to improve the security of the USB connection, but I can still not guarantee that there couldn't be any damage done under certain circumstances even with the PCB in place. I am using an internal flash memory and an externally powered 1.5Gb USB harddrive without any problems though.

Here are some pictures of how the DM500HD looks like with the PCB installed. Above is it is installed and you can see the internal USB connection with a USB flash memory connected above the card reader.

Here you have the PCB with a flash memory to the internal USB connector and the USB cord to the rear of the DM500HD. Note that you have to cut away some of the plastic mold around the USB connector at the rear to fit the fan properly.

The PCB is pushed over the existing USB pinheader connection on the DM500HD pcb. There is no permanent mounting necessary on the mainboard (only removing the resistors mentioned above, if present).

As I made a PCB for myself for this project, I made some extra (as the big cost is to startup the PCB fabrication), so you can easily assemble your own unit. There are three packages available. One ready assembled PCB, one kit for the basic solderer with all ICs soldered and one kit with PCB and components that you put together yourself. The ICs are quite small and surface mounted so it is not for the first time solderer, but it is not extremely difficult if you are familiar with soldering. Additionally, I also have a USB cable that connects between the PCB the rear of the DM500HD. Note that the rear connector is a little bit large so you need to cut away some of the molded plastic to fit the fan. You can also buy the empty PCB only, if you want to source components yourself or if you feel it is enough to just mount the fuse, you can skip the ICs (by bridging the two jumpers on the PCB) for current limiting. wenn das nix is ;)