Tutorial: D-Line with MPCS


MV Core Team

1. to connect the mpcs to a gbox server you need to set up a reader in the config file mpcs.server

if for examlpe your server has set up in his cwshare.cfg

M: { { AAAAA250 }}
D: { { 8030 8020 { AAAAA014 { A2 A2 }}}}

your reader should look like this:
Label = gbox
Protocol = gbox
Device =,8020,8030
Account =,AAAAA250
Fallback = 0
Group = 1

or for example your server set up in cwshare.cfg

M: { gbox.server.de { ABCDEF01 }}
D: { mpcs.Client.de { 3080 2080 { 12345678 { A2 A2 }}}}

your reader should look like:

Label = gbox
Protocol = gbox
Device = gbox.server.de,2080,3080
Account = mpcs.Client.de,ABCDEF01
Fallback = 0
Group = 1

label: is the name of the server
Protocol: must be gbox
Device: ip or dns of the gbox server,remote-port of gbox-server, local port
Account: your ip-adress or dns,password of peer

2. set up the password in mpcs.conf

in the first example it should look like:
Password = AAAAA014

in the second example it should look like
Password = 12345678

You have to take the password, the gbox server has set in the dline for the mpcs

3.to connect a client with radegast, camd3 or newcamd protocol you have to enable the protocol and set a port for the protocoll.
For newcamd-clients you have to set a port and a caid and provider IDs.
Port = 50000@0D22:000000;50001@1801:0000,4001,4101,4201,7 001,0501,000B01;50002@0961:000000
for example menas that newcamd-clients witch connects on port 50000 get the caid 0D22 with provider ID 0000
newcamd-clients witch connects on port 50001 get the caid 1801 with provider ID 0000,4001,4101,4201,7001,0501,000B01
newcamd-clients witch connects on port 50002 get the caid 0961 with provider ID 0000

port= <port1>@<caid>:<providerID 1>...<providerID n>;<port2>@<caid>:<providerID 1>...<providerID n>;...