RDU PS3. Of any worth?

It's "Demonstration Mode 3.01" and I may x360key be able to get the firmware disc that installed it, if that's of any worth. It's locked in demo mode, but that is easily remedied by the L1+R1+Square+Select with code 2310. I'm "afraid" to plug it into the network, for fear of an automatic system update removing "Other OS."

I purchased it from the legal owner of the system for wifirobin a relatively small cost. I was willing to go up to $80, but settled on $75.

I'm looking to either sell it [not immediately] or hack bladeless fan it [since I already own a PS3], so, I'm basically looking for info on rarity or anything like that [ie: why I shouldn't hack it, etc.], and felt that this was the only rational place to post. Hopefully I can get some light shed on this.