Network Settings (LAN/WLAN) With Marned DS-200XCI-HD


MV Core Team
That's what I am using:

FritzBox WLAN 7141 (Router)
FritzBox WLAN 7050 (Repeater)
Set top box
RS232-2-Lan-Adapter --------->

and for example the IP adresses:

-- DNS Server
-- Gateway

-- DNS Server
-- Gateway

-- DNS Server
-- Gateway

Subnetz Mask always

LAN adapter should be connected direct to the set top box.
Connection between Repeater and adapter with a standard Cat5 cable.

Better is when you install redirector software from the manufacturer of your adapter on your computer. You must connect the com port to the adapter there.

Use the following software from here Download and extract to c:\G (for example).

Now start cmd (Start/Run, " cmd " [enter]; a dos window qill appear. There you can type
" cd c:\G\data " [enter] - now C\G\data> should be on the left ;)

Type " app com3 " (3 is only an examplebut it should run - I have chosen Com5) [enter].
Now the application is beginning to connect to your set top box.

Go into the Menu of your set top box and choose SERIAL PORT. You can take Gladiator or Calypso (for card sharing it's the same ;)), then press OK, so it will reboot and your computer will directly connect to your stb. You can control the result(s) in the dos window.

That's what you should see:

Gladiator V0.03 May 17 2007 18:14:38
press 'q' to exit...
Serial open com3.

Connected to STB.....
In our example we have used an free server:

Written by EUMEL, 02.01.2009


MV Core Team
You should see the following after reboot:

Go to Network Setup (Pass= 0000)
Afterwards you can choose:

At first we want to make the right settings for our network connection:

Save it by pressing EXIT.
Now choose the second - "CONNECTION MODE"



MV Core Team
With left/right buttons you can choose the kind of server that will be used [Connection Mode] (NewCamd oder Radegast)
Save it by pressing OK on your remote.

Choose the Server (Server1, Server2, etc.) and press OK.

For the Host-IP type the IP adress of the server. If you don't have it
turn a small trick: Start/Run, ping SERVERHOST -t [enter]
Now the server will be pinged and the server IP will be shown in the dos window.
This IP you can type to Host-IP ;) After that go to DONE and press OK.

Instead of this you can type the complete Host-URL, too. But the IP is easier...

Beneath Host-IP you will find 2 lines for URL.

At Port you can type the port number that is given by your server.

Among you type the given User ID and the Password for this server connection.

Type the servers´ DesKey

Leave now with pressing EXIT on your remote.

Press EXIT again and it will appear

Just press OK.

Now your stb will reboot and on the screen you immediately should see a picture.

Author and image material: EUMEL, 03.01.2009