802.11B Wireless Ethernet to RS232 Serial Adapter

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Serial (RS232) to WiFi (802.11b/g) - By merging wireless communications device server technology, the WI232 simplifies connectivity to devices where cabling is prohibited or mobility is required. Serial RS-232 flexibility, robust data handling capabilities and high serial speeds are all built in.

Serial (RS232) to Ethernet (802.3 10/100 BaseT) - The WI232 also features an Ethernet port, so if WiFi is not available, you can still connect your RS232 serial device to your Network!

Ethernet (802.3) to WiFi (802.11b/g) - The WI232 can also be used as an Ethernet to WiFi Bridge, allowing you to make your Ethernet enabled device to be WiFi 802.11b/g enabled!

The WI232 can be used in either of two wireless modes, Infrastructure Mode, or Ad-hoc Mode. When in Infrastructure Mode, one or more WI232's can participate in any standard wireless network, created by WiFi Routers or Access Points:


Utilizes Lantronix WiPort Technology
FCC Certified
Custom Firmware/WebPages can be added
Industry standard 802.11b/802.11g wireless interface
WiFi Range 328 feet indoors
LEDs: 802.11b/g, Ethernet activity, Status, Power
Web Server, configuration and user webpages
DB9 12" molded cable DTE (male), female adapter included
AC Power adapter included
Plastic housing
OEM versions available for small minimum quantity
Includes CD with Manuals, PC Setup and Virtual COM Port Redirector Software
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